How to find balance in life stressful situations

For many of us the Coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating effect on our health and wellbeing. I’ve seen first-hand the damages the pandemic has had on people and close friends within my community. Not being able to hold our dearest ones, frightened of the situation affecting the realms of our health (physical and emotional) and the effects it has had on education, employment and housing, to name only a few, has left many of us deprived from some of our basic and psychological needs.

During these challenging times a roller coaster of emotions is experienced by many of us in the form of grief, fatigue, anxiety, sadness, stress, loneliness, disturbed sleep, mood swing, feelings of being trapped, anger, loss or depression.

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Caring for your mental wellbeing is important 

Finding balance in your life in times of chaos is paramount. When times are particularly difficult, it becomes even more important to seek emotional wellbeing.

The question is: how do you achieve that?

Below there are some suggestions to help you achieve an inner sense of peace and emotional balance in times of stressful situations.

Be kind to yourself. You deserve it. Allow yourself to enjoy some down time, whether it is a walk, talking to a loved one or gardening. These therapeutic activities will provide your mind and body those needed moments of calm and peace.

Be kind to others. Helping others such as running errands, calling someone who is isolated or doing some volunteering work is fantastic. Research has shown that giving to others greatly increases our wellbeing.

Practice gratitude. Be aware of the little moments that make you happy in times of chaos. Appreciating those will help you uplift your mood. They are like rays of sunshine in a cloudy sky.

Surround yourself with positive people. Avoid spending extensive amount of time around negative people. Positive people will support and encourage you, providing beneficial uplifting moments.

Practice meditation, yoga, deep relaxation, breathing or stretching. They will help relieve tension and bring a sense of calmness in those stressful times.

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When times get hard, take control of your inner state. You are important and you deserve a good life.

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Written by – Patricia Nnadi Leveque

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