How to Become Fulfilled in Your Day to Day Life

How to Become Fulfilled in Your Day to Day Life – Without Compromising  your Time and Attention Towards your Loved Ones

Your wellbeing is important. Your Me -Time is something that, if you are not already doing, will add ample benefits in the hustle and bustle of a demanding life. You may be thinking ; ‘I haven’t got any extra time to put towards what I want to do!’ or ‘I’m already so busy and stressed enough without adding extra hours towards another project!’.

Ample studies have shown that when you put a few hours a week doing what you enjoy, your stress level goes down, you feel more energetic, your mood lifts up and feelings of peaceful happiness surge.

Our daily activities and duties, essential for the stability and balance of our domestic and working life may give us a  sense of satisfaction as we are meeting the needs of those around us as a mother, carer, lover, worker. However, they can also leave us feeling empty, tired, stressed and unfulfilled.

I want to invite you to spend some time reflecting on a personal project that you’ve put on hold for a long time or an activity you’ve always wanted to try but never did. Adding some ‘me-time’ in your life, will not only benefit your own self and your wellbeing but also those around you. You will have more energy which will affect all realms of your life. You will experience inner growth and added inner confidence, which others will notice too. You will become a happier person and a fulfilled individual.

A project that is only about you and your steps towards it.

  • First, do identify your personal project (i.e. painting, dancing, swimming, furnishing, drawing, singing, home designing, learning a language, flower arranging etc).
  • Then, research what is needed to get it started. This will form your mini goals. For instance, you may need to find a local or online course, source material, realigned your weekly schedule etc.
  • Get the wheels in motion and get started.

You may experience feelings of guilt rising within you, especially if you always have put others first. It may feel as if you are stealing time and attention from them. This is normal and remember this is not the case. You deserve it and so do the others around you.

Your new purpose and journey towards the realisation of your project will bring fulfilment as you are realising a pursuit that is personal and dear to you. This process will contribute to a happier and more fulfilled you as you engage with your purpose and this will radiate in all other areas of your life. Those domestic activities will no longer seem so dull. You will find doing those tasks quicker with a stride in your steps as you look forward to carry on with your project where you left it off.

You deserve and ought it to yourself and those around you to fulfil your sense of  individuality for a more significant and happier you.

Give it a go and let us know how you are doing.

If you need more information or would like an appointment with a counsellor, get in touch.

References: Lafrenière, M. A. K., et Al (2011). Self-esteem and passion for activities

Written by – Patricia Nnadi-Leveque

Photo by – Fernando Brasil, Unsplash.

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