What might cause certain behaviours

There could be many factors that influence someone to behave in a certain way.

Often, we learn to think and behave watching our families, the school and the environment around us.

As we develop, we observe others and imitate their ways of being which remain sometimes ingrained in our mental functioning.

Feeling anxious, depressed or in need to cope with stress using substances or engaging in certain behaviours can all be learned in our first years of life.

Trusting or distrusting others, feeling withdrawn or more connected are also patterns of behaviours we have been exposed to from early years of life.

Abuse, neglect and other negative experiences can also impact people’s beliefs about themselves, others and the world and subsequently influence their behaviours.

Lack of awareness can in time make these behaviours debilitating for both the sufferers and the ones around them.

It is important for both the ones affected and those around them to become mindful that certain behaviours are not helpful and make the adjustments needed to preserve harmony and a sense of mental wellbeing for all those involved.