Welcome to The Significant You

Many people ask me how I ended up setting up a mental health charity.

The answer is simple: I was inspired by the impact charities have in people’s lives when I worked as a honorary counsellor and on paid roles at various charities over the years.

When people reached out to us they were tired of competing, performing well, “doing” and “having”,  “achieving” and “winning”.

They struggled in their relationships and often they lost sense of who they were and what was really meaningful to them.

Living from that place is challenging and can affect our mental health deeply. This explains why hundreds of millions of people are diagnosed with mental health conditions every year in all corners of the world.

What seems to be underlie these conditions is an internal feeling of insuficiency, inadequacy and low self-worth. They acts as a barrier to aliveness, vitality and the vast array of posibilities available to each of us to build happy and fulfilling lives.

For many years I looked amazed at how charities help people transform their lives. And then one day I received help myself from a charity when i went through my challenging TNBC journey.

I have been and I continue to be inspired by the incredible power of the community support.

With this in mind, I founded The Significant You Mental Health Charity to remind every single one of you that you are important, that you matter, that you are worthy and that, when life gets hard, there is support for you.

Welcome to your space where you are accepted, valued and appreciated exactly as you are.

Nicoleta Porojanu, Founder