The referral path

There are many routes you can use to get support from us, other charities, private  therapists and counsellors, and the NHS.

For NHS the best referral route is through your GP. All GP practices are able to reffer you for counselling support to the IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) a service running accros all NHS trusts and offering free short term counselling support to anyone in need. Referrals to IAPT will add your name on a waiting list that can range from a few days to a few months sometimes. 

There are many charities that offer low cost counselling to people in the local community. Some offer general counselling and others are more specialised and offer support for specific mental health conditions, for relationships struggles, for couples or families, as well as for refugees, trafficked children and women, specific gender groups, etc. Your GP can reffer you to a charity or you can self-refer yourself. Search online for charities that offer low cost support in your postcode and contact them directly via phone or email.

Private health centres can also offer therapy and counselling support. In most cases you will self-refer and approach them directly. These sessions are generally asking for payment in full, with fees varying according to the area, the practitioners providing the support and the type of support offered.

To apply for counselling support with us fill in the self-referral form