Fundraise for us

Your “why” matters.

There is something in you that wants to help others. Thank you for your intention and action. 

Have an idea?

If you have an idea you want to transform in a fundraising event  we are here to support you all the way.

Let's make the plan

Is this going to be a physical event or you plan to hold it online? 
👉 Set out a date to start.
👉 Think of a budget
👉 How much do you want to raise? Set your target and let it be.
👉 Shout out. Let others know about your plan. Spread the word out thorough all channels, including social media.

Easy fundraising route

Let’s work together to ensure your fundraising is a success:
– You must be 18 to fundraise for us
– For an organised event where you collect money or you sell an item in public you might need a licence for public entertainment, public collections, food or alcohol, raffles and lotteries. 
– If you want to do a coffee morning at work or a pub quizzes in your community pub, you will need permission from the owner or from your boss to collect on private property.
– For face to face events you will need a risk assessment in terms of health and safety. We can help you with that too.

Let's do it

To talk to us about your fundraising event email us at

If you wish to support us financially you can make a donation online here.